UI <3 UX

In love with art & technology. who care about high tech products with focus on user problem solving with beautiful interfaces. I like be in teams & planing & lead team to achieve goals. 

Atyeh Gasht Sabz

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Diba ( Dey bank application ) – versiton 2

download diba from cafebazar

Diba ( Dey bank application ) – versiton 1

download diba from cafebazar

Kishair ( Kish Airlines application)

Alopark application

Download alopark application from cafebazar

Tourism websites

Hermes tourist agency website

Shafagh agency websites


In this project I changed the base of website from advertising to the services; please check this website and send your feedback to me

I do design pages and give prototype using HTML/5, CSS/3, jqury to backend team.

Organization Website

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